Cyberline aims to offer its many years of experience and knowledge to its customers on a product / solution basis. Below you can find some of the technologies we have.

Enterprise AI

Our Artificial Intelligence solutions, designed to meet corporate needs, aim to facilitate many business processes of institutions and make data-based decisions.

By using large language models, corporate information and processes are optimized without the need for external services and access to corporate information is facilitated.

Documents, audio, video, database, images, etc. available within the institution or from external sources. It helps corporate growth by analyzing inputs such as these using Artificial Intelligence and producing results.

AI Based Computer Vision

Cyberline has developed actively used solutions for AI-based Computer Vision technologies.

Our Facial Recognition system, which we developed using AI-based and machine learning, can successfully identify human faces at rates of up to 99.87%.

Our face recognition technology works on IP cameras and provides over 80% performance even on microprocessor cameras worth 2 USD.

In addition, object recognition, facial expression detection, voice recognition, simultaneous text/speech translation, etc. Many AI-based media analysis can be done, such as.

Internet of Things (IOT)

Cyberline has developed many different solutions on the Internet of Things (IOT) and is actively used both at home and abroad.

Thanks to our BLE (BlueTooth Low Energy) based sensor technology, wireless sensors offer battery life of up to 4.5 years using a Coin Cell with only 1 AH power.

The information of BLE Sensors and other devices is transmitted to the Cloud and local receivers through BLE Gateway devices, whose design and software belong to us.

In addition, our wireless designed (WIFI 6) devices are used in many industrial products, including smart locks.

PCB Motor Technology

Cyberline is actively carrying out an R&D project on new generation electric motors. This technology is called Axial Flux PCB Motor technology.

PCB Motor technology is a very different technology from traditional motors and can be defined as the electric motor technology of the future.

PCB motors use PCB layers instead of traditional copper motor windings and provide high efficiencies up to 98%. In addition, its footprint and weight are 80 - 90% less than engines of the same power. Accordingly, it is an extremely environmentally friendly engine technology.

Full Stack Development

Cyberline has been developing end-to-end software solutions for years in projects where performance and security are at the forefront.

In software projects, it has the competence to develop all software components in-house, starting from the database, including background services, web services, web and desktop software, and mobile applications.

In addition, the design of microprocessor-based devices that will work with these software and the development of their Embedded Software are also carried out within our company.

We are waiting for you to experience the advantage of working with a single responsible partner in your software projects and to explain our reference projects.

Software Consultancy

Cyberline has an experience of providing corporate software and project management training for approximately 5 years.

We can work with your company and provide the necessary training on all the competencies we see on our page, especially Microsoft .Net technologies.

In accordance with your confidentiality agreements, we can transfer Know How to your teams in your projects, and if you wish, we can also provide coding and development support by actively working on critical issues.

About Us

About Us

Cyberline was established in Ankara in 2016 with its staff with 25 years of experience. Our company is currently located within Teknopark Ankara. It focuses on software and hardware based solutions.

Our company has completed many projects, especially on Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IOT).

Cyberline develops new technologies through its R&D studies and offers them to its customers as end-to-end product development / consultancy services.

Our Vision

Cyberline is focused on developing solutions focused on Artificial Intelligence-supported technologies.

In addition, it also carries out R&D studies on the development of PCB Motor technologies.

In this direction, as Cyberline, we plan to provide services on sectoral solutions and related software by making more investments and R&D on these issues in the coming period.

Our Motivation

Our main motivation in the R&D studies we have done and continue to do is to develop projects that will add value to our country in terms of financial and prestige.

As a company, we aim to specialize especially in corporate AI technologies.

As Cyberline, we will continue to work in this direction.

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